Accent Change

Your accent aptly defines your sense of identity. It speaks about your origin or the places that you’ve been to. It isn’t until you move to a different place that you’ll notice your accent. Having an accent that is different from that of the people you’re interacting with can make it difficult for you to be understood by them. This means that it can limit your effectiveness if communicating with people is a key component of your profession. It could also limit your social life. If this is the case, it may be worthwhile to look into accent change therapy in sydney.

Why should I care about accent change?

Consideration of accent change will be critical, especially if your job requires you to be fully understood when communicating.

Accent Change

While an accent, no matter how strong, is not a speech disorder, it does provide you with a sense of identity. This is why you must not disregard it. You can have an accent that makes it difficult to be understood, which is a problem with intelligibility. 

You may also be required to repeat yourself several times, write things down, or use gestures to convey a message, which can be frustrating, embarrassing, and time-consuming.

If your accent is interfering with your ability or confidence to do your job, socialise with others, or form friendships, or if you’re frequently self-conscious and anxious about it, consider speech pathology because it can help to make your speech more understandable.

What is accent change?

In Speech Therapy, An accent change is a change in the distinctive way that people who speak the same language sound. It can be detected by the sound of your consonants and vowels, your pitch and intonation, your rate of speech, your stress patterns, and the volume of your communication.

How we can help with accent change using Speech therapy

Our Speech Therapists will help you with accent change by undertaking a comprehensive accent assessment and designing a bespoke accent assistance program for you.

Our speech therapists will discuss your concerns with you, determine the extent to which you want to change your accent, and any other relevant background information, before performing formal and informal assessment procedures to determine the characteristics of your accent.

Our therapists focus on the key accent elements to help you change your accent, which include the pronunciation of consonant and vowel sounds, the pitch of the rise and fall of your speaking voice, the speed of your speech, the emphasis on specific syllables within a word, the softness or loudness with which you speak, and the mannerisms specific to the context. The assistance will be delivered in 45-minute increments. The sessions can be delivered online and are available to clients from all over the world as well as those who live in rural areas.

We’re always available to help you on your accent change journey because we know that making your speech easier for others to understand you will improve the effectiveness of your communication.